WaysSouth Voices Newsletter • Summer 2011




WaysSouth extends its recognition and thanks to our volunteer Blu Chaney. Blu is a high school senior who grew up in Robbinsville, NC, but recently moved to London, KY. When he read about NCDOT’s plans for Corridor K, he was appalled and knew he wanted to get involved. Blu contacted WaysSouth and offered to spend a week in Robbinsville this summer as a volunteer. We jumped at the chance!

Blu’s work started in government offices tracking down legal documents that are unavailable online. The information he researched will help us better understand the lay of the land in Graham County. Blu also toured the county talking to businesses and residents about the Corridor K project.  He helped explain its costs and benefits, the alternatives and the help that WaysSouth can provide.

Blu’s help will significantly increase WaysSouth’s effectiveness in Graham County, and we are grateful for his enthusiasm, ability, and dedication.