Bruce Walters

    Bruce Walters, Largo, FL. Retired Aerospace & Defense PCB designer and avid outdoorsman.

Jutts Creek

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David Bacon

  David Bacon, Clarkesville, GA, is a transportation engineer who works as a consultant. He works with communities, county and city governments, Georgia DOT, and various DOTs in other states to design road projects, to scope costs and environmental impacts, Read More

Sam Evans

Sam Evans, Asheville, NC, is an attorney with the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC). His practice areas include National Forest issues, water law, endangered species law, off-road vehicle damage, and highway projects. Sam is actively working with the North Carolina and Tennessee Departments of Read More

The Raven Society

The Raven Society is a non-partisan Political Action Committee. Its mission is to support candidates and issues that protect the rural, natural, and historic qualities of Blount County and East Tennessee by promoting the principles of smart growth. The Raven Read More

Internal Work Page

The maximum file size that can be posted is 7 MB, so some of these presentations are split into multiple files. Historical Stop I-3 PowerPoints . Finegan Interstate 3 I-3Presentation_Rev0712 – Part 1 I-3Presentation_Rev0712 – Part 2 I-3Presentation_Rev0712 – Part Read More


Providing a unique vantage point for conservation efforts. . Founded in 1996, SouthWings is a conservation and public benefit aviation non-profit that provides skilled pilots and aerial education to enhance conservation efforts across the Southeast. The SouthWings team and service Read More

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FAQ about the WaysSouth Position on Rail

1. Wouldn’t a new highway be the best way for freight to be shipped from Chattanooga to Asheville? A half century ago, the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) recommended such a highway to bring commerce to the mountain communities. Since then, Read More