WaysSouth Voices Newsletter • Winter 2011



WaysSouth is proud to announce our newly redesigned website. With a cleaner and more readable look, easier navigation, and expanded content, the new wayssouth.org is a great resource. Check out the new website and see how we’ve improved. We’ve added lots of new information about:

  • New WaysSouth projects
  • Emerging transportation projects, planning, and policy issues
  • A Take Action page with ideas on how to help influence transportation decisions
  • Photo galleries with visual reminders of why the work we are all doing is so important

We’ve made it easier to find the information you want and access it quickly. We’ve also made it simpler to update, so we can get breaking news to you quicker. If you subscribe to our new RSS feed, we’ll even tell you when the website is updated.

Visit the new WaysSouth website and make a donation while you’re there.