October 30th fundraiser at Ezzard Farms in Tiger, GA

Take a beautiful October sky, add autumn leaves at their peak on the mountain behind the farm, four magnificent bands each playing a different type music from the others, four authors with great books to sell, good food, news of the Stop I-3 and other WaysSouth projects, and an interested, enthusiastic crowd, and you have one successful WaysSouth party on October 30, 2010. As an educational gathering, the party served to renew interest in stopping I-3 and to raise awareness that, with a new study having begun this fall, the idea is far from dead. As a fundraiser, the party brought in proceeds of over $2600 to help pay the expenses of our Executive Director as he serves on the Expert Working Group advising the I-3 study.

WaysSouth would like to express their gratitude for the bands – Moses Cotton, Caledonia Swing, Little Debbie and the Snaking Cakes, and Carmel Ridge – who donated their talents and time to the occasion. Thanks also to Hunter Funeral Home, Tomlins Barbeque, Tallulah Gorge Grill, Hank Belew, Stacye and Jamie Morgan, Bill and Lynn Blumreich, Marie Dunkle, Lucy Bartlett, Helen Meadows, Sue Willis, Ginny Heckel, Hugh Irwin, Charley and Ann Kraus, Terry Miller, Mollie and Roger Drake, Bill, Lisa, Ian and Liam Bartlett, Bob and Carol Cullifer, Eston Melton, Dr. John and Martha Ezzard and Tiger Mountain Vineyards. Finally, our gratitude also goes to Vaughn and Jody Watts, who were ready to supply the indoor venue if the weather had not cooperated. The cooperation of all of these people made the party not only possible but fun for all who worked and attended.

We plan to have another party toward the end of October 2011; hopefully, this will be a celebration of putting I-3 into a permanent coma!