Supporting organizations play a vital role with WaysSouth by assisting with

  • Dissemination of transportation information
  • Contacts with various governmental units about transportation issues
  • Providing information about relevant local issue
  • Providing critical mass in promoting vital transportation issues

In turn, WaysSouth will endeavor with its supporting organizations to

  • Keep you up to date on responsible transportation campaigns
  • Provide you with specific ways to be involved
  • Provide you with talking points, materials
  • Publicize your organization on the WaysSouth website with a Web site link and thumbnail sketch

Supporting Organizations of WaysSouth support the mission and guiding principles of WaysSouth.

The WaysSouth mission

To preserve and protect the unique heritage and environment of the Southern Appalachians by promoting sustainable transportation practices.

The WaysSouth guiding principles

We support transportation systems that include a mix of transportation styles that support, acknowledge and respect the integrity of the natural and human environments for current and future generations. We recognize that local economies and businesses depend on the natural systems and resources present in the Southern Appalachians. These unique resources afford the quality of life residents and visitors alike enjoy.

We seek to


  • The integrity of our watershed and the quality of our air and water
  • The diversity and health of our forests and wildlife
  • The scenic beauty of the Southern Appalachians
  • The local economy and its businesses that depend on the quality of life supported by the resources of the Southern Appalachians
  • The quality of life enjoyed by our residents and visitors

Support thoughtful, sustainable transportation options consistent with the character of the Southern Appalachians by

  • Making the best use of limited transportation funding
  • Emphasizing maintenance and upgrading of current roads, not the exclusive construction of new roads
  • Preserving in transportation plans the characteristics that make this area unique

Facilitate maximum public participation in planning of transportation projects through

  • Creating opportunities for all stakeholders to express their views including public forums, regulatory comment periods, and full participation in advisory groups relating to individual projects and overarching transportation plans
  • Reaching out to stakeholders to ensure that they are aware of pertinent projects and issues
  • Requiring decision makers to effectively address all stakeholder input

To become a supporting organization of WaysSouth, fill out the form found here and email a notice of your intent to become a supporting organization to