Opportunity knocks: let’s kill I-3 once and for all!

We in Georgia now need to convince the Georgia senators that the study money should be rescinded. ALL of us need to renew pressure on all of our legislators to vote for a rescission and ask them to work with the Georgia delegation in rescinding the study.


1. Georgia District 10 supporters of Stop I-3 please e-mail Dr. Broun at and congratulate him on his election and on his promise to sponsor legislation to rescind I-3.

2. If you are from Georgia, e-mail or fax both Senator Chambliss and Senator Isakson. Ask them to “Please sponsor legislation in the Senate to rescind the study money for I-3, The Third Infantry Division Highway, contained in SAFETEA-LU, the transportation act of 2005, Sections 1702 (2737, 3358, 3956) and 1927. Not only is the new District 10 Representative, Dr. Paul Broun, strongly opposed to the interstate, but this road is unwanted, unneeded, fiscally irresponsible, and environmentally disastrous.”

3. If you are NOT from Georgia, write your senators and congressmen informing them of Representative Broun’s opposition to the study and ask for their help in rescinding the study. As always, refer them to for further information.

To fax, call, or email your Senators and Representatives go to

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Broun’s correct office phone numbers are 202-225-4101 (Washington) and 706-886-1008 (Toccoa). The Augusta phone number listed for Dr. Broun on isnot in service at this time.

As we flood the e-mail boxes of our senators and representative, please remember that individual letters, even if similar, count as separate letters; copies of a pre-written letter count as one letter; therefore, we are asking for individual letters. You may cut and paste from the above with minor changes and add your own personal experience.

I have called each Georgia Senator to ask for an appointment when they are in Georgia for the summer break in August. If any of you know either senator personally, please contact me at An introduction from a personal acquaintance always helps when trying to speak to a legislator personally.

Thank you for your help. We have a real opportunity to stop this highway, and I know I can count on you.

Lucy E. Bartlett
Chair, Stop I-3 Coalition Board of Directors