For immediate release, May 24, 2007

Stop I-3 Coalition urges the public to review an important document released this week by Common Sense at the Nuclear Crossroads. This report clearly suggests the proposed Interstate 3 could become a likely transportation route for high-level nuclear waste across Southern Appalachia.

This second report of its kind, “A Study of the Problems with the Transport and Reprocessing of Nuclear Waste in the Carolinas,” is available on the web. Click “Second Report” at::

It includes a variety of maps, drawn from government software, which outline waste routes to Department of Energy nuclear processing sites outside Augusta, Georgia, a key locale along the highway corridors currently under study for Interstate 3.

“We are concerned that hazardous material transport criteria calling for use of interstates and avoidance of large population centers might well add pressure to build Interstate 3,” said Holly Demuth, executive director of the Coalition. “This new report suggests nuclear traffic will be funneled from all over New England and the Midwest through Southern Appalachia.”

Stop I-3 Coalition believes that the Southern Appalachian region is comprised of unique local economies and irreplaceable natural and national treasures, which should not be sacrificed to facilitate transportation of dangerous materials.

“We hope the public, and all residents of this region, will take a hard look at this report and the plans now being advanced by our government and make their opinions known to elected officials, “ Demuth said.

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Lucy Bartlett, Chair, 706.782.7262

Holly Demuth, Executive Director, 706.508.3711