The Federal Highway Administration initially considered four general corridors for I-3, as shown on the map below, along with a number of short links between each of the main corridors. Below the map are text descriptions of each of the major corridors.



Corridor A

  • From Savannah, west on I-16
  • North on US 25/301 through Statesboro, to Millen and Waynesboro
  • North of Waynesboro, west and north on new alignment to I-20 west of Fort Gordon, near Thomson
  • Northwest on US 78 Corridor to Athens
  • New alignment around Athens
  • North on US 441 corridor to north of Commerce
  • West on new alignment to Dahlonega
  • West on Georgia 52 corridor along the southern boundary of the Chattahoochee National Forest to Ellijay
  • West and north on US 76 corridor to Chatsworth
  • North on US 411 along the eastern side of the Chattahoochee National Forest, into Tennessee, and to the intersection with US 64
  • North on new alignment from US 64 to I-75 near Etowah
  • Northeast on I-75 into Knoxville

Corridor B

  • From Savannah, northwest along Georgia 21/Savannah River Parkway to Millen
  • US 25 north to Waynesboro
  • North of Waynesboro, new alignment to I-20 west of Fort Gordon, near Thomson
  • US 78 north to near Washington
  • East of Washington, new alignment northwards, roughly following Georgia 17 past I-85 and to US 23
  • US 23/441 north through the Chattahoochee and Nantahala National Forests to Franklin, North Carolina
  • NC 28 westward to several existing narrow two lane roads thorugh the Nantahala National Forest to US 129
  • US 129 (the Tail of the Dragon) thorugh the Nantahala National Forest and along the western border of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, then to Maryville
  • I-140 to Knoxville

Corridor C

  • From Savannah, either Corridor A or B to just north of Waynesboro
  • North on US 25 to southern Augusta
  • West and north on new alignment creating a western bypass of Augusta, to US 221 near the Georgia/South Carolina border
  • North on US 221 through the Sumter National Forest to Greenwood, SC
  • Northwest on US 178 to Honea Path, SC
  • North on new alignment to I?85 between Greenville and Anderson, SC, then to near the US 178/US 123 intersection
  • North on US 178 across the North Carolina/South Carolina state line to Rosman, NC, along the eastern edge of the Nantahala National Forest
  • North on SR 215 through the Nantahala National Forest to the Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Northwest along the Blue Ridge Parkway to Cherokee, NC
  • Northwest on US 441 through Great Smoky Mountains National Park to Gatlinburg
  • Northwest on new alignment to I-40
  • West on I-40 to Knoxville

Corridor D

  • From Savannah, north on I?95 into South Carolina to US 321
  • North on US 321 to I?26 south of Columbia, SC
  • Northwest on I-26 to just south of Asheville, NC to an undetermined transition to US 25
  • North on US 25 to Newport, TN
  • West on I-40 to Knoxville

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