The Raven Society is a non-partisan Political Action Committee. Its mission is to support candidates and issues that protect the rural, natural, and historic qualities of Blount County and East Tennessee by promoting the principles of smart growth. The Raven Society was formed in 2000 and named in honor of Sam Houston, who spent his formative years in Blount County and whose Cherokee name was “Raven.” An avid outdoorsman, he recognized almost 200 years ago the need for Americans to exercise restraint in what we are doing to our land.

The Raven Society believes in smart growth, the idea that conservation and environmental protection is compatible with economic growth. This way to grow emphasizes preservation of open space and farmland, efficient investment of limited infrastructure dollars, and the strengthening of existing neighborhoods before seeking to develop farther out. The Society’s mission is to support candidates and issues that will maintain the rural, natural and historic features of Blount County and East Tennessee.

Some of their concerns are loss of farmland and open space, air and water pollution, and overcrowded schools and roads. They research issues, hold educational seminars for their members, elected officials and the public; and work hard to provide voters with candidate information during local elections. Their goal is to keep Blount County citizens informed and involved on issues of growth and planning.

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