For immediate release, January 3, 2008

Stop I-3 Coalition reaffirms position

The Stop I-3 Coalition today reaffirmed its firm opposition to a new interstate highway from Savannah, Georgia, to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, “or any similar highway.”

The coalition’s board reaffirmed its stand in reaction to news reports that Rep. Paul Broun was considering a technical correction to legislative language, suggesting that one possible route for the controversial highway might go through Greenville or Clinton, S.C., on its way from Augusta, Georgia, to its endpoint.

“With or without the technical correction, we are opposed to this interstate, which we believe is unneeded and unnecessary,” said Holly Demuth, the coalition’s executive director.

Broun, who won a close election to replace the late Rep. Charlie Norwood, previously had promised to sponsor legislation that would defund the federal study of I-3.

“A clear majority of north Georgia residents view this unnecessary highway as fiscally irresponsible, and environmentally disastrous,” concluded Lucy Bartlett, the coalition’s president.

Lucy Bartlett, Chair, 706.782.7262
Holly Demuth, Executive Director, 706.508.3711