WaysSouth Voices Newsletter • Summer 2011




The “Strategic Plan” of WaysSouth focuses on goals that support our Mission:  To preserve and protect the unique heritage and environment of the Southern Appalachians by promoting sustainable transportation practices.

Each goal listed below supports our priority projects (Stop Interstate 3, Corridor K, U.S. Highway 441, Rail Task Force) and positions WaysSouth for the future.

  • Develop a Model of a modern, efficient and context supportive ground transportation system for the Southern Appalachians which is capable of meeting the needs of business, industry and the Southern Appalachian communities in the changing economic environment while preserving the natural environment and respecting the heritage of the area.
  • Advocate for government policies, planning and projects consistent with this model.
  • Create and maintain working relationships with relevant federal, state, regional, local and tribal officials.
  • Develop and maintain a working understanding of existing plans, laws, regulations and other requirements documents of all pertinent federal, regional, state, tribal and local planning agencies.
  • Develop a strong and dependable funding base to accomplish our mission and achieve our vision
  • Build on the capacity of our Supporting Organization and volunteer base to help educate and involve others.