WaysSouth Voices Newsletter • Winter 2011


With the start of the I-3 Study in mid-2010, WaysSouth donors recognized the importance of our representation on the I-3 Expert Working Group. Citizens with interest in plans to build Corridor K and to widen Highway 441 were also motivated to financially support WaysSouth leadership and action for responsible highway planning in the Southern Appalachians. We sincerely thank the generous supporters who contributed financially this past Fall/Winter.


Doug Adams

Joe and Sharon Anderson

Virginia B. Barker

Lucy E. Bartlett

The Bartlett Family

Susan and Hank Belew

Don H. Berry

Bill and Lynn Blumreich

Brooks Bollman

Charles and Kathy Breithaupt

Joe Bristol

Rebecca Callahan

Sandra Chapin

John Clarke/Karen Hurtubise

Pam and Roland Clemmons

Richard Cochrane

Elizabeth Crittendon

Bob and Carol Cullifer

Nanette Curran

Tom Darden

Dayton Foundation Depository

Bill and Barbara Denton

Ted Doll

Mollie and Roger Drake

Marty Dyche

Marie Dunkle

Ann and Pat Epps

David A. Fore

Joe Gatins

Georgia Council Trout Unlimited

Katheryn Granberg

Grapes and Beans

Jim Grode/Julie Mayfield

Maggie and Bob Hatcher

Ginny Heckel

Jeffrey Hetsko

Jana Hill

Teresa Holland

Clyde Holler

Hugh Irwin

Robin Jones

Kelly Jordan


Maureen Keating/B. Franklin

Scott C. Kramer

Charley and Ann Kraus

Lake Burton Civic Assoc. Found.

Jack and Carmen Lance

Doug Lando

Charles and Sandy Lipthrott

Ian and Dottie McFarlane

Don McGowan

John F. and Marilyn M. McMullan

H. (Helen) W. Meadors

Eston Melton

Terry and Mrs. Miller

Stacye and Jamie Morgan

George L. Otis

Patricia Piper

Elizabeth E. Pyron

Lilith Quinlan

Guynelle Robbins

Rodney and Lynn Roe

Ron Salzer

Susan H. Schmidt

Dan Schuh

Kirsten D. Sikkelee

Gail and Richard Smith

Robert E. Smith Jr.

Leckie and Bill Stack

Dave and Gloria Stokes

Ann Suich

Margie Swint

Sherrie A. Taylor

Grace M. Trimble

Tenn Chapter Sierra Club

Nancy Waldrop

Bruce Walters

Pam Wawrzyk

Robert E. Wells

Wini and John Werkheiser

Willis Williams

Pamela S. Womack

Jim Wylie/Ron Russell