The Requests for Proposals (RFP) for the study of the proposed Interstate 3 may be issued as soon as this fall. It’s crucial that the contractors bidding on this project know that many legislators in this area oppose Interstate 3.

If you are a Stop I-3 Coalition supporter represented by Senator Lamar Alexander or Representatives Paul Broun or Health Shuler, please e-mail them NOW.  Ask that they write a letter stating their opposition to the Third Infantry Division Highway (commonly called I-3) that is proposed to run through their district.  Their letter should be mailed to Mary E. Peters, Secretary of Transportation, with a copy to the newly confirmed Director of the Federal Highway Administration, Thomas Madison. Multiple changes in personnel in the Federal Highway Administration mean that new staff members must be educated on our position on I-3 as they put together the Requests for Proposals for the contractors.

If writing Representative Heath Shuler, North Carolina 11th District, or Senator Lamar Alexander, Tennessee, thank them for their opposition to the Third Infantry Division Highway and ask them to write this letter to be attached to the proposal. If writing Congressman Paul Broun, Georgia 10th District, remind him of his campaign promise in the last election to oppose I-3, and that he has long promised to write this letter and send us a copy to post on the Stop I-3 web site.

These congressmen are home in their districts during this summer recess.  Talking with them about the issue face to face can have a big impact.

With the Georgia Senators who are eager for the study to begin, please write them (Senators Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss) to remind them that they have often said that I-3 will not go through any county that has passed a resolution against the highway.  We want to confirm that this is still their position.  If you see either of them in person while they are on recess, try to get them to make this promise in the hearing of a newsperson—on the record.  Remember, Saxby Chambliss is running for re-election and will be campaigning near most Georgians sometime between now and November.

To send an e-mail go and follow the instructions to contact your Representative or Senator. Thank you for your action on this important matter.


Lucy Bartlett and the Stop I-3 Coalition Board of Directors

A sample letter to Senator Isakson:

Dear Senator Isakson,

When you and I talked in Clayton last fall, you promised me that I-3 (officially, The Third Infantry Division Highway) would not go through any county that had formally resolved against the highway.  The Rabun County Commissioners long ago resolved that they did not want this highway as did the governments of Habersham, Towns, White, and Lumpkin Counties in Georgia; Clay and Macon in North Carolina; the city of Highlands, NC; and the Southwestern North Carolina Planning and Economic Development Commission.

Do you still intend to make sure that the highway does not pass through any area that has passed a resolution against it?


Lucy E. Bartlett