WaysSouth Voices Newsletter • Summer 2011




WaysSouth is closely following plans to widen and possibly re-route parts of the U.S. 76/SR 515 highway between Blairsville and Young Harris, GA.  GA Department of Transportation (DOT) initially presented a grand design that would widen the highway, complete with a 32 foot median and turning lanes.  Four route alternatives would take the highway either straight thru the town of Young Harris or via one of three by-pass routes.

Several of the alternatives being discussed would require considerable dislocation and uprooting along the Right of Way. DOT is now considering alternatives to the alignment presented in Open House meetings attended by the public last spring. When they are finalized, DOT will present them to the public in another set of Open House meetings.  WaysSouth will put out the word to supporters when the next meeting dates are announced.